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Why are we here? Where do we come from? Where are we going?

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Wednesday May 17, 2023

John Michael Greer discusses his book The Ceremony of the Grail – Ancient Mysteries, Gnostic Heresies, and the Lost Rituals of Freemasonry.
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Topics covered include:
Catastrophism and tales of mass destruction in humanity’s distant past.
Lost civilizations and their technology.
The myth of constant progress in civilization.
Agriculture and the rise and fall of civilization.
The mysteries of megaliths and their construction.
The longevity of Arthurian myths and legends.
Lessons from Grail legends for our present and future.
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Sunday May 07, 2023

Phil Escott and Ben Hunt discuss freedom of choice in food and health, and the individual’s power to shape their own future in an age of crisis.
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Food has been used by elites as a weapon of control since the dawn of agriculture. In lock-step with digital monetary systems and tightly-controlled energy supplies, it is now but one prong in an attack on the human mind, body, and spirit. The object is to weaken resistance to and enforce compliance with the emerging global technocratic dictatorship, a form of which is currently seen in the so-called Great Reset.
But there is a fragile tension between the problems that The Great Reset identifies and the solutions it proposes. This agenda asserts, for example, that our energy use is causing climate chaos while simultaneously constructing a global grid of control and surveillance which itself is massively energy intensive. Resisting the assault of the elite’s “do what we say not what we do” dictats can seem overwhelming. However, in this gathering global gulag designed to demoralise us, rediscovering our ancestral heritage can be incredibly empowering, and it is a path each of us can follow for ourselves.
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Tuesday Apr 11, 2023

John Michael Greer discusses his book The Occult Philosophy Workbook – A One Year Course in the Secret Wisdom.
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With origins in the most ancient of times, occultism concerns the unseen world and hidden planes of being. Beyond the limits of time and space, and the dogmas of science and religion, reality is more complex than we can possibly imagine. Although occultism has much to offer both science and religion, once we learn to look beneath the surface. Consisting as all things do of one cosmic root substance, humans are spirit and matter balanced, and we are now at a critical point in our evolutionary process. A process as vast as the cosmos, itself arisen from a single source. A process which points to the mystery and origin of life, to the meaning and purpose of existence. For those that have eyes, the Secret Wisdom may show what modern society has taught us not to see. And far from being mere esoteric abstractions, these insights may yet make the difference between transcendence and oblivion.
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Sunday Mar 26, 2023

Greg Moffitt and Luke Dodson in conversation.
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In 2023, a full-spectrum assault on the human psyche is underway. From freedom of movement to freedom of thought and speech and all points in between, a 24/7 media matrix is manipulating minds into believing the very opposite of the truth. Black is white, left is right, up is down, male is female. Campaigns of propaganda and censorship in lockstep with networks of control and surveillance are creating an insidious climate of fear and permanent crisis. The aim is to undermine, demoralise, and break down families, communities, and entire nations, leaving people isolated, impoverished, and weakened both mentally and physically. It is nothing less than a war on independence, on identity, and on reality itself.
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Thursday Mar 23, 2023

Bruce Scofield discusses his book The Nature of Astrology – History, Philosophy, and the Science of Self-Organizing Systems
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Our ancient ancestors recorded the rhythms of the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars, correlating these rhythms with weather, plant growth, and animal and human behaviours. From these early geo-cosmic recordings came calendars, astronomy, and astrology. While astrology is now mostly viewed as subjective fortune-telling, Scofield argues that astrology is not only a practice but also a science, specifically a form of systems science – a set of techniques for mapping and analyzing self-organizing systems.
Providing clear evidence that our solar system neighbours profoundly affect and shape life on our planet, the author shares modern biological and climate studies on the effects of Earth’s rotation, the Sun, the Moon, and the rhythms of light, gravity, magnetism, and solar radiation on terrestrial processes. He explores the early practice of astrometeorology, a method of weather forecasting used from ancient times into the Renaissance, revealing the links between the solar system, weather, and climate over large spans of time. He shares his own studies on the correlations between Saturn’s position and terrestrial weather as well as presenting a wealth of evidence on astrological effects and the theories and mechanics behind them. Presenting a broad look at how the cosmic environment shapes nature, Scofield shows how the practice and natural science of astrology can expand its applications in modern society, helping us understand ourselves and our place in the Universe.
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Tuesday Mar 14, 2023

Jasun Horsley discusses his book The Kubrickon: The Cult of Kubrick, Attention Capture, and the Inception of AI.
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It’s hardly controversial to suggest that the 24/7 mass media matrix in which untold millions are immersed might be doing much more harm than good. But what if this addictive, obsessive diet of gaudily-lit screens and never-ending noise was actually the core of an agenda to mesmerize and manipulate humanity toward much darker ends? With our collective disconnect from reality already well underway, trash culture – sometimes disguised as art – is creating a subspecies for whom the distinction between fact and fiction will soon no longer exist. People with a susceptibility to being programmed – or even possessed – by outside influences. And the purpose? The harvesting of human sentience for the seeding of machine intelligence.
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Friday Feb 24, 2023

Danielle Silverman and John Biggerstaff discuss Nigel Kerner‘s book Grey Aliens and Artificial Intelligence – The Battle Between Natural and Synthetic Beings for the Human Soul. This is a two part interview. Part one is here
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In part two of the show we question the official narrative of human origins and evolution. Darwinian evolution of life on Earth certainly takes place but it cannot account for the origin of life or the mystery of consciousness. Nor does the Big Bang theory adequately account for the entirety of the known Universe. We explore this in the context of Kerner’s theory of interdimensional entities and their sinister involvement with humanity’s development since the earliest epochs of our species. The agenda of these synthetic non-human beings will lead to nothing less than the loss of the human soul. To this end, technology is key. The modern myth of progress tells us that all technological advancement is good. This, however, plays into the hands of our manipulators. Is it possible that innate human abilities have gradually been lost to technological prosthesis? Telepathy to telecommunications, for example. Today, transhumanism claims to offer the impossible: immortality in a physical system. This must be understood before it is too late. If these alien predators achieve their aims, humanity will simply be phased out. Machines will be all that is left.
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Saturday Feb 11, 2023

Carl Abrahamsson discusses his book Source Magic: The Origin of Art, Science, and Culture.
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Since the dawn of time, magic has been the node around which all human activities and culture revolve. As magic entered the development of science, art, philosophy, religion, myth, and psychology, it still retained its essence: that we have a dynamic connection with all other forms of life.
Exploring the source magic that flows beneath the surface of culture and occulture throughout the ages, Abrahamsson offers a ‘magical-anthropological’ journey from ancient Norse shamanism to the modern magick of occultists like Genesis P-Orridge. He looks at how human beings relate to and are naturally attracted to magic. He examines in depth the consequences of magical practice and how the attraction to magic can be corrupted by both religious organizations and occult societies. He shows how the positive effects of magic are instinctively grasped by children, who view the world as magical.
Sharing his more than 30 years of experiences in the fields of occulture and magical anthropology, Abrahamsson explores ancient and modern magical history to reveal the source magic that connects us all, past and present.

Tuesday Jan 31, 2023

The latest in an ongoing series of dialogues with James Tunney exposing the assault on humanity by the emerging global technocratic dictatorship. James’ latest book is Plantation of the Automatons – Rule of an Automaticity Loop.
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In the early 21st Century, there is a war against humanity. Non-material forces and ultra-dimensional entities appear to be involved. They deny the existence of powers beyond five-sense, three-dimensional reality while simultaneously using them against us. Ultimately, this is a spiritual battle and their agenda is profoundly anti-human. Who are they, what do they want, and why do we surrender?

Thursday Jan 19, 2023

Danielle Silverman and John Biggerstaff discuss Nigel Kerner‘s book Grey Aliens and Artificial Intelligence – The Battle Between Natural and Synthetic Beings for the Human Soul.
Listen to the full show on Legalise Freedom Dot Com. 
Humanity’s greatest existential threat is our headlong rush to a techno-utopian future. Already we increasingly rely on smart devices which are becoming extensions of our bodies. We are at a turning point for our species in which our natural humanity is gradually being converted into an artificial format that will lead to the loss of our souls. As Nigel Kerner reveals in astonishing detail, the blueprints for this future already exist.
Kerner explains how there are civilizations in our universe that have developed advanced technologies to become entirely artificial. The Grey alien entities, reported in many abduction accounts, appear to be bio-machines, synthetic beings sent out as AI probes to gather information about something they lack but that humans and other natural beings possess: a soul. Examining scientific, historical, cultural, and religious evidence for Grey alien visitations as far back as 40,000 years ago, the author reveals that the Greys themselves set us on this path toward artificial intelligence. Kerner shows how our intrinsic nature is no longer entirely human – our natural consciousness and DNA have been hacked, and an artificial construct has been superimposed at the very foundation of our thinking processes. The author shows how this artificially intelligent future was seeded by the Greys in order to control us and prepare us to fit in with their agenda for humanity.
Revealing the secret alien hives on our planet, their connections to governments, and their ultimate endgame to alter our DNA and harvest our souls, Kerner shows how, by developing yourself on a soul level, by recognizing your individual connection to divinity, you can protect your soul field and your consciousness from the Greys’ manipulations.



Why are we here? Where do we come from? Where are we going? These are eternal questions which humanity is compelled to ask but may never answer.

Are we merely born to buy? To consume and die? Is it in our nature to destroy ourselves? Is war our destiny? Or is there some greater purpose and grand design which lies beyond our primitive instincts?

The Earth appears to be descending deeper into chaos, but is the disorder and destruction simply part of a larger process?

From the nature of reality to the future of humanity, Legalise Freedom asks these questions and more, offering the listener alternative views on a wide range of topics.

  • Politics & Economics
  • Energy & Environment
  • Culture & Control
  • Science, Spirituality & Consciousness
  • Astronomy, Archaeology & Alternative History

From inner space to outer space, it’s a who, what, when, where, how and why of governments, money, resources, art, media, ecology, psychology, technology, religion, society, the past, the present, the future, and more.

Legalise Freedom radio online is hosted by independent UK writer and journalist Greg Moffitt and features interviews with some of the World’s foremost alternative thinkers and researchers. An archive of 370+ shows is available to stream or download.

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