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Why are we here? Where do we come from? Where are we going?

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Sunday Aug 20, 2023

Stephen Murphy discusses the film ’32 Counties – A Quest for Hope in a Time of Darkness’
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In the winter of 2021, three artists – Aidan Killian, comedian; Tiernan O’Rourke, musician; and Stephen Murphy, poet – came together as brothers and set out on a quest to call in the intentions of love, healing, and freedom to the land of Éire. Over the course of 32 days they planted 32 flags on 32 mountains in the 32 counties of the sacred island of Ireland. The movie begins with a quote from the great Irish philosopher and mystic, John Moriarty: ‘Unless there’s wildness round you, something terrible happens to the wildness inside of you.’
The flag they chose was not the tricolour of contemporary usage, but the ancient flag of the Irish Citizens’ Army, immortalised as the flag referred to in the opening words of the 1916 Proclamation: In the name of God and of the dead generations from which she receives her old tradition of nationhood, Ireland, through us, summons her children to her flag and strikes for her freedom. Aidan, Tiernan, Stephen: This is their story. Love not fear, healing not sickness, truth not lies, freedom not enslavement.
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Tuesday Aug 08, 2023

Richard Kretz discusses his book The Alchemical Search for the Unified Field – Pythagorean, Hermetic, and Shamanic Journeys into Invisible and Ethereal Realms
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Topics discussed include:
Cosmic consciousness – aka ‘God’ – and the source of all that is.
The deceptive dimensions of time, space, and physical reality.
Freemasonry and other fraternities and the quest for lost knowledge.
Symbolism, sacred geometry, and the true power of architecture.
Alchemy, science, and the nature of The Philosophers’ Stone.
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Wednesday Aug 02, 2023

Paul Sutton and Greg Moffitt in conversation.
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In the West, a social, political and intellectual conflict is now raging. The outcome of this conflict will decide whether our countries remain relatively peaceful, or if we’ll get political violence and civil war. One of the main pillars of this conflict is the trans agenda. The most terrifying aspect of trans-gender ideology is what should have prevented it achieving anything: a rejection of objective reality, replaced by so-called personal ‘truths’ and self-validation. Self-worship has triumphed – at least for the moment – over the building blocks of our culture and society: religion; philosophy; political plurality; artistic expression; science.
There are increasing numbers of dissidents against wokedom, but vastly outweighed by those who see nothing to gain from challenging this orthodoxy. Aside from those with an unshakable belief in objective truth, many actually don’t have much to gain. Yet belief in objective truth is essential in society. If objective reality continues to be rejected in favour of innumerable conflicting ‘personal truths’, then our society will not survive.
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Tuesday Jul 04, 2023

Daniel Drasin discusses his book A New Science of the Afterlife – Space, Time, and the Consciousness Code
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Sharing his more than three decades of research into the afterlife and paranormal phenomena, award-winning documentary filmmaker Daniel Drasin shows that the continuity of human consciousness beyond the physical body and after death constitutes a legitimate area of scientific inquiry and that it can be objectively demonstrated.
Drasin begins by revealing how our belief in materialism – through its effects on our social norms, taboos, and even language – has deeply constrained our civilization’s understanding of the nature of space, time, life, death, and consciousness. However, our deeply ingrained cultural habits tied to materialism have begun to change. Drasin explores 15 promising post-materialist scientific investigations currently underway, focusing in depth on examples that offer the most objectively irrefutable evidence for the survival of consciousness.
Drasin shows how, by thinking and speaking about death and the survival of consciousness in new ways, we can facilitate a clearer, more relaxed, comfortable, and rational conversation about what awaits us all sooner or later on the other side of life.
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Sunday Jun 25, 2023

Thomas Sheridan, Neil McDonald and Greg Moffitt in conversation.
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In a wide-ranging talk, we cover many subjects, including:
Historical witch hunt mania and witch trials
The modern day witch hunts of Covid 19
Elite use of occult forces against the lower classes
Magic – the conscious focus and direction of energy and intent
Psychometry – energy fields of objects which can record their history
Quantum retrocausality and the illusion of linear time
Consciousness as the fundamental stratum of reality
Thomas and Neil’s latest book is Alizon’s Lament – The Pendle Witch Story Retold: An Occult Insight
Other interviews with Thomas Sheridan and Neil McDonald
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Monday Jun 19, 2023

Paul Levy discusses his book Undreaming Wetiko: Breaking the Spell of the Nightmare Mind-Virus
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In the early 21st Century, the world is at war, with human consciousness the primary target. Although this battle has ancient origins, it has massively intensified in the modern era. Both 9/11 and Covid 19 were key tipping points, drawing the enemy into the open as the Technocrats and Transhumanists escalated their attack on humanity. The 24/7 media matrix and the human mind are the battlefields; fear, propaganda, and manipulation, the weapons. Reality has become a battle of perceptions. The militant materialism of our age tells us that all our problems can be solved with more government, more money, more technology, more control, unwilling or unable to acknowledge the deeper spiritual origins of civlisation’s crisis. But it is into the depths of the human psyche and the true dreamlike nature of reality that we must look if we seek to find the terrible secret of what troubles this place.
Other interviews with Paul Levy
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Saturday Jun 10, 2023

Steve Taylor discusses his book DisConnected: The Roots of Human Cruelty and How Connection Can Heal the World
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The materialist paradigm which has shaped science and society for the last several hundred years is now driving the slow-motion suicide of the human race. The materialist worldview, which denies the existence of anything beyond the five-sense, three-dimensional reality it takes to be all that there is, causes states of extreme mental fragility, incompleteness, and insignificance. These feelings generate cravings to accumulate power and wealth, and to dominate others. This pathology is most prevalent among those at the top in business and politics which, taken together, control the world.
Yet for much of human history, we dwelled in a state of profound connection with the world around us, with an innate understanding that all creation springs from a single source. But does the modern denial of the very possibility of meaning or purpose in existence stem solely from fundamentalist materialism, or might its origin lie deeper in the dark mists of our collective past?
Previous interviews with Steve Taylor
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Wednesday May 17, 2023

John Michael Greer discusses his book The Ceremony of the Grail – Ancient Mysteries, Gnostic Heresies, and the Lost Rituals of Freemasonry.
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Topics covered include:
Catastrophism and tales of mass destruction in humanity’s distant past.
Lost civilizations and their technology.
The myth of constant progress in civilization.
Agriculture and the rise and fall of civilization.
The mysteries of megaliths and their construction.
The longevity of Arthurian myths and legends.
Lessons from Grail legends for our present and future.
Previous interviews with John Michael Greer
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Sunday May 07, 2023

Phil Escott and Ben Hunt discuss freedom of choice in food and health, and the individual’s power to shape their own future in an age of crisis.
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Food has been used by elites as a weapon of control since the dawn of agriculture. In lock-step with digital monetary systems and tightly-controlled energy supplies, it is now but one prong in an attack on the human mind, body, and spirit. The object is to weaken resistance to and enforce compliance with the emerging global technocratic dictatorship, a form of which is currently seen in the so-called Great Reset.
But there is a fragile tension between the problems that The Great Reset identifies and the solutions it proposes. This agenda asserts, for example, that our energy use is causing climate chaos while simultaneously constructing a global grid of control and surveillance which itself is massively energy intensive. Resisting the assault of the elite’s “do what we say not what we do” dictats can seem overwhelming. However, in this gathering global gulag designed to demoralise us, rediscovering our ancestral heritage can be incredibly empowering, and it is a path each of us can follow for ourselves.
Check out The Big Fat Challenge
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Tuesday Apr 11, 2023

John Michael Greer discusses his book The Occult Philosophy Workbook – A One Year Course in the Secret Wisdom.
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With origins in the most ancient of times, occultism concerns the unseen world and hidden planes of being. Beyond the limits of time and space, and the dogmas of science and religion, reality is more complex than we can possibly imagine. Although occultism has much to offer both science and religion, once we learn to look beneath the surface. Consisting as all things do of one cosmic root substance, humans are spirit and matter balanced, and we are now at a critical point in our evolutionary process. A process as vast as the cosmos, itself arisen from a single source. A process which points to the mystery and origin of life, to the meaning and purpose of existence. For those that have eyes, the Secret Wisdom may show what modern society has taught us not to see. And far from being mere esoteric abstractions, these insights may yet make the difference between transcendence and oblivion.
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Why are we here? Where do we come from? Where are we going? These are eternal questions which humanity is compelled to ask but may never answer.

Are we merely born to buy? To consume and die? Is it in our nature to destroy ourselves? Is war our destiny? Or is there some greater purpose and grand design which lies beyond our primitive instincts?

The Earth appears to be descending deeper into chaos, but is the disorder and destruction simply part of a larger process?

From the nature of reality to the future of humanity, Legalise Freedom asks these questions and more, offering the listener alternative views on a wide range of topics.

  • Politics & Economics
  • Energy & Environment
  • Culture & Control
  • Science, Spirituality & Consciousness
  • Astronomy, Archaeology & Alternative History

From inner space to outer space, it’s a who, what, when, where, how and why of governments, money, resources, art, media, ecology, psychology, technology, religion, society, the past, the present, the future, and more.

Legalise Freedom radio online is hosted by independent UK writer and journalist Greg Moffitt and features interviews with some of the World’s foremost alternative thinkers and researchers. An archive of 370+ shows is available to stream or download.

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